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We are manufacturer and supplier of Extruder Systems , Injection Moulding Machine  and Acoustic Mixers,

We manufactured and sold many extruders to food, textile, polymers, academia etc. In Turkey and to  many countries.


We are supplier of high performance equipment for the manufacture of technical materials.

We are able to supply a variety of systems in laboratory, pilot, and production scales for polymers, foods, pharma, and defence.

We are distributor of FET, Fibre Extrusion Technology, is a leading supplier of state of the art process technology and equipment for the man-made yarns and fibre extrusion industry. FET offers in-depth expertise and knowhow into design, process technology, electronics, manufacturing and after sales service.

FET support customers for developing of new products and for R&D departments for man-made fibre and yarn extrusion.

We are represent one of leading company, BOY, for injection moulding machine.  

BOY injection moulding machines: Innovation in plastic processing

Impressiv advantages: BOY's design concepts are;

  • Maximum flexibility,

  • Small footprint,

  • Optimum production conditions,

  • Large mould fixing dimensions,

  • Flexible use of moulds,

  • Intuitive use of control,

  • Comfortable operation,

  • Minimum electricity consumption,

  • Low cooling capacity ,

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